I like to create. I love a good challenge to solve. I enjoy capturing and sharing beauty and fun. I like to explore — what good is a solution if it doesn’t lead to even better places? I like removing impediments and help other people create, have fun, and explore.

If any of this is something you think could be beneficial to you, here are a few business possibilities:

  • We could partner together and have fun. Keep in mind, I have to feed and clothe myself, my wife, and dependents.
  • We could trade. Is there something beneficial to both of us?
  • You could pay me. The sky moon stars are the limit!! We’re unbounded by…. okay, perhaps your credit limit and what I can reasonably live off of… and my puppy requires me to come home at a reasonable time at least twice a week. 😉

I believe every person deserves to be paid appropriately for the work they do, yet that not everyone can afford what sometimes seems like outrageous prices for some services.

So where does this leave us?

A balance to be found through communication.

joel at inafield dot com