by Joel 4. December 2011 07:20

Gorgeous sunrise from this morning.



Self Defense and Violence

by Joel 8. November 2011 11:00

My wife sent me this link, and I think it's really well said. Bold emphasis is mine.

The primary goal of self-defense is to avoid becoming the victim of violence...

...This is the core principle of self-defense: Do whatever you can to avoid a physical confrontation, but the moment avoidance fails, attack explosively for the purposes of escape—not to mete out justice, or to teach a bully a lesson, or to apprehend a criminal. Your goal is to get away with minimum trauma (to you), while harming your attacker in any way that seems necessary to ensure your escape.

Late Night Foray

by Joel 1. October 2011 23:00

Some fun out and about at night. Sarah drove and I shot pictures and we had a date!

Crescent Beach Crickets, Herons, and Thistles

by Joel 18. September 2011 17:38
Here are some pics I took while on a walk out at Crescent Beach.

The power of a thought ;-)

by Joel 29. July 2011 16:30

Sarah: just a thought

Joel: a thought?
a single thought?

Sarah: I sprayed the floor and mattress with deodorizor

Joel: one that can change the world.
a thought, who could think?
could be so powerful

Sarah: maybe I could bring the futon frame into the bedroom and get it off the floor that way

Joel: contained in one bunch of electrical impulses…
a simple, singular thought.

– Joel Penner, 2011


Whoopy, Ikea is having a sale [link] for $50, we can finally buy a bedframe!

UPDATE: Um, bedframe was wrong size. Frown