Month: September 2014

Caffeine’s effect on Success?

To caffeinate, or not caffeinate? That is the question when we face when getting out of bed in the morning. We’re all drinking an increasing number of cups of coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and with how many espresso shots every day? Or we go on the opposite bender adding green […]


If you’ve lived on planet earth long enough, you’ve been here. It comes and goes, sometimes varying levels from day to day, week to week. If you have a spouse, they’ve probably commented concern. If you’re like me, you may have even wondered if you’ll […]

Career Coaching

We’ve all done the the personality tests online that purport to tell you what you’re like and how this might influence you. Whether it’s BuzzFeed, a Myers-Briggs test knock off, or some other FaceBook quizz, you know what I mean. You’ve probably even read the articles debunking Myers-Briggs and its derivatives: how they weren’t really built on any verifiable research and actual science journals are shying away from them. If you’re working in a team, your HR person/department or manager has probably even brought in a coach once for an afternoon “team building exercise” where you filled out some forms and did an ice-breaker game. We all know our four letter designation with our secondary degrees and wings, and after all that — “Surprise! You’re you!” and not a whole lot changed. You went back to work, continued on, and not much happened. Years come and go, and everyone continues doing their thing pretty much the same. Wait, weren’t we supposed to work better and become these star employees after that?

However, what if a group had done some proper research? What if there was 30+ years of verifiable, refined, and reproducible research spanning thousands upon thousands of people in 90+ countries across the world? What if, instead of shoving you into a 4-sided box, it picked up on thousands of details about you? That thing holding you back? It could highlight. That strength you’ve forgotten about? How about knowing what actually motivates you and could be used to unlock the direction you really want to go?

This research exists.

Recently, I had some dedicated time from an experienced coach who used this research that helped me understand things about myself and how I interact with the world. Pitfalls in communication, what I have tendencies to fail at, where I hold back my strengths, and what works well to point me in the best direction — tailored for me. Normally, insights like these take years of introspection, years that we don’t have. We’re too busy working and ignoring ourselves; we never get the mature and insightful questions needed to help us be introspective deeply enough for true change to occur.

Captured your curiosity? Now imagine working in a team where each person is played to their strengths, knows their parts, and works together because they all know how to best achieve their goals. What could such a team accomplish?

If you want to build a team of people that can get top notch results, you need to consider SBL Consulting Group. Their team development is a piece of art that has been relied on by some of North America’s top companies. I strongly recommend checking them out. The coaching I received has been invaluable, and I look forward to it every time.

SBL Consulting Group: