A little bit about me...


I like to create. I like to show beauty and fun. I like to explore. I like helping other people create, have fun, and explore. So what kind of stuff do I like to do?

I photograph (Flickr).
I code.
I play (piano).
I play (video games).

  • My day job is working as a software developer for TMW Systems Canada the largest software developer in the enterprise transportation software sector. Lots of coding to make programs and website code.
  • On the side I make websites. I currently do this on the side with Your Computer Tech. If you’re interested, send either of us an email.
    They can also provide hosting.
  • I am a pianist. I enjoy playing for other people and have done so for 24 years :-)
  • I enjoy photography and post-production. I’ll be putting pictures up this month.
  • I enjoy nature. Hiking, swimming, body surfing… going to Hawaii this spring…
  • I enjoy design and went to Simon Fraser University for a B.Sci. Interactive Arts in Design. As part of that I enjoy psychology, a bit of philosophy, and otherwise hanging out and thinking about life. Therefore, I blog. More to come. :-D

If my creativity is something that you would like to make use of, I think there are several ways a business relationship can go:

  • We could do it together and have fun. This is limited by my resources to feed and clothe myself and my wife.
  • We could trade services. This can be limited to what would benefit each of us in our own value systems.
  • You could pay me. This is limited to what I am willing to offer and what you’re willing to offer.

I believe every person deserves to be paid well for the work they do. I also believe that not everyone can afford what sometimes seems like outrageous prices for some services.

So where does this leave us?

A balance to be found through relationship.

joel at inafield dot com